Sunday, October 22, 2017
Barnana Chakraborti


mathematician by qualification, a banker by profession and finally a mother by choice – that is me to you. It was my son who taught me to explore a different side, having seen one side already. Have come a full circle from being a child, going through the teens to being a youth and experiencing the bliss of marriage.  Now having settled down post the birth of my child, seeing him grow up, have seen the twists, turns and glory life has to offer. The phase of wisdom in terms of old age is also not far away.

I did not know that creativity and versatility can be honed and do not remain hidden until it knocked into my life. Having some free time giving up my career for my child it was a phase to strengthen my interests, which were there since childhood and some which were picked up in the path of life. Interests turned into a passion which gave the soulful purpose of my being. I share here with you how I have always found a reason to keep myself occupied and busy in despair or in fair weather. Be it travel, cooking, eating out, writing, photography or collating information, I have tried to give this blog a meaningful direction by sharing my experiences here. So here I am writing and sharing all my favourites to make a difference in the lives of others.


Life is what we make of it.  Through the years, it has been a learning that if we are happy within then we can make others happy.

Reactivate Life is all about life in its multi-faceted form and pursuing our choices by mixing and matching what we like. It is about making ourselves happy in the real sense. This page is about filling the right colours in every step we take. Let us turn on the music of life.

So come, pick up what you want to choose from a variety of sections all under one roof. I have talked about Travel, Food, and Life in general. The columns here are all an extension of my interests. Happy exploring!!

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